Plainfield Rescue Squad was established in 1950 in the city of Plainfield. It was started as an all volunteer unit, with one "ambulance" that was donated by a local funeral home. The ambulance was housed at the main fire headquarters in Plainfield, on the corner of Fourth Street and Central Avenue.

          In the beginning, and up until around the late 1960's, the squad only allowed men to go out on the ambulance and respond to calls. Women were allowed to join the auxilliary organization, which was primarily responsible for maintaining the building, performing clerical work, and perform other adminstrative tasks that freed up the men to concentrate on answering emergency calls. The fund raising efforts of the women's auxillary were especially important, given the fact that the squad was for the most part self supported.

         In the 1960's, the squad moved into its current home on the corner of Seventh Street and Spooner Avenue. The squad building was especially built for the Rescue Squad, having 3 "large" bays(at the time they were considered large, given the fact that cadillac ambulances, and not the larger van ambulances, were the normal emergency vehicle), and 3 floors of offices, dormitories, meeting areas, and two working kitchens!

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