There is usually between 60-80 active members of Plainfield Rescue Squad at any given time. Included in this membership are the cadets, and several other "special interest" groups, as well as the regular membership.

Types of members

The Plainfield Rescue Squad is composed of people with a variety of skill levels, expertise, and backgrounds that all contribute to the day to day operations of the squad. The squads membership can be broken down into regular members, probationary members, cadets, youth corps/Americorps members, and squad volunteer. Below is a brief description of each of the membership classes in the squad followed by a list of the squad leadership and members

Regular Members...
Are those persons over the age of 18 who have successfully completed a state administered Emergency Medical Technician's program and have successfully completed the probationary period of the squad.
Life Members...
Are those persons who were active Regular Members at Plainfield Rescue Squad for 10 years of more.

Probationary Members...
Are those persons over the age of 18 who have either not successfully completed a state administered Emergency Medical Technician's progam or are still in the process of completing the squad probationary period.

Cadets...(details on program)
Are members of the squad who are under the age of 18. Cadets who are 17 years of age are encouraged to attempt to complete the training for Emergency Medical Technicians, although it is not required to remain a cadet. Cadets are carefully monitored and supervisored by the adult members of their crews and great care is taken to keep the cadets out of situations that may be harmful to them.

Americorps/Youth Corps...(details on program)
Are both programs funded by outside agencies to help train youth for future careers and encourage community service amongst young people. The members of Americorps/Youth Corps are expected to fulfill all the requirements of regular members and form an integral part of our EMS team.


We believe in acknowledging those members who have performed above and beyond the normal call of duty.  To that end, we have adopted a citation bar similar to what many other uniformed services utilize.  Click here to view our citation bar system.

Squad Officers

Line Officers

Timothy Lowe Jr. Chief
Paul Nannery Deputy Chief
Hank Vandebeek Captain
Rolene Robinson Lieutenant
Val Lowe Lieutenant
Andrew Pauline Lieutenant
Autumn Kearstan Lieutenant
Rachel Voeltzel Lieutenant
Elijah James Clinical Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Sue Kessen Chair
Timothy Lowe SR. Asst. Chair
Ian Kessen Trustee
Jen Medford Trustee
Kathy Pitnger Trustee
Dave Pernell Trustee

Past Officers

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