Let's put this simply, volunteers are very....

         Basically, the only qualification you need is a willingness to learn a lot. No previous medical training is necessary. So, if you think you may want to give EMS a try, or if you just want to make a difference in the community, then Plainfield Rescue Squad may be the place for you.

         Here's something else to think about. At well over 5,000 calls a year, we are one of the busiest EMS services that accepts volunteers with no previous training. On a given duty shift, you'll get to experience a wide variety of exciting, sometimes stressful, always challenging situations that will test your abilities to think quickly, care deeply, and apply your knowledge. We have to be honest, PRS is not for everyone. It is a demanding activity that requires a good degree of dedication. However, the longer you do it, the more confidence you'll have in your abilities and the greater sense of satisfaction you'll have.

So, what are you waiting for? Join one of the hottest EMS services in the state!

You can stop by the building at:

Plainfield Rescue Squad
700 West Seventh Street
Plainfield, NJ 07060

or give us a call at:


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