Our fleet of ambulances and specialty vehicles is undergoing a radical and much needed upgrade. Through the generous support of our city and citizens, we are receiving a new ambulance. Also, we have recently purchased another ambulance. Take a minute and get acquainted with the hardest working members of Plainfield Rescue Squad.

Ambulance Designation: 196
Make: Braun
Year: 1986
History: We actually brought 196 used 7 years ago.  196 is one of the oldest ambulances in the fleet, but also one of the most hard working. It's non-traditional paint job was designed to mimic the police cruisers of the time.


Ambulance Designation: 197
military ford/Horton
Year: 1989
History: We picked up 197 at a military surplus auction.  197 is the largest ambulance we have. Coming to us from the military, it has bona-fide 4 wheel drive, an unusually high ground clearance, and the ability to transport up to 4 stretcher patients with a special cot system.

Ambulance Designation: 198
Make: McCoy Miller
Year: 2000
History: Not much, just went into service March 2000.  198's new paintjob (a departure from the traditional navy blue color used) will be replicated on the other ambulances over the course of the next couple of years and will be placed on all new ambulances.


Ambulance Designation: 199
History: 199 is the newest ambulance in the fleet, and also the first ever purchased for us by the city of Plainfield, in recent history.  199 was built for us by Horton.


 Make: Jeep Cherokee
Year: 1989
History: The First Response Unit (FRU) aka "The Albatross" was purchased 4 years ago.  "The Albatross" has a relatively relaxed life compared to its other fleet mates. Primarily, the albatross is used by the officers to run errands and go to meetings. The albatrosses other role is as a first responder/extra equipment vehicle.

Keep coming back for the delivery of our newest ambulance, sometime before the end of the year!

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